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ANNOUNCING OUR 2024 Creative Time Residential Fellowships Recipients

We take the pleasure in announcing the four recipients selected to undertake a May Gibbs Children's Literature Trust Creative Time Residential Fellowship in 2024.



"The benefits of the May Gibbs Creative Time Residential Fellowship have been immeasurable! I was able to bring several projects to a stage they would not have reached for years, had I not been given the uninterrupted time to write.During my stay in Adelaide, I am very grateful to have spent time with so many generous, inspiring and invigorating people….. and with no one at all. I loved every second of my time spent in the Burrow. 

Thank you!"

The gorgeous illustrations above we supplied by Emma during her Fellowship.

Emma Quay

This month ... full ideas have formed, connections made, Norwood footpaths walked. I’m not the same writer who would have come here in 2019.'

Kate O’Donnell

"The Creative Time Residential Fellowship was a wonderful gift. I found myself reflecting deeply about my writing process, my work and my future creative projects". 

Caz Goodwin

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