Emma Quay - Some insight of her time spent in the Burrow

During my time at the Burrow, I was offered kindness and practical help — anything to facilitate my being able to work as I wished. It was wonderful to feel creative time was so valued and respected. This time was for me, to work on and play with whatever I pleased. 

A number of stories grew after I reminded myself of this, and I let them.

I spent half of my stay working on the text for the anthropomorphic picture book that had accompanied my Fellowship application. After I put aside the second draft of this story, I was able to complete two early childhood picture book texts, both of which had been in development for many years. My Fellowship allowed me the time and mind space to devote to these texts at last.

After a morning spent in the Adelaide Hills collecting leaves, I developed animal characters for a new book, and autumn settings for them to live in.

There was also much time available to explore colour palettes and experiment with novel ways of applying media to paper. I now have piles of work to scan onto my computer and manipulate in Photoshop.

I am certain that some of this 'play' will inform my next few illustrative projects.


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