Caz Goodwin shares a little about her time in the Burrow in Adelaide

The month I spent at the Burrow was a wonderful, creative and productive time. I felt welcomed and supported by the May Gibbs Children’s Literature Trust Support Group, with provisions in the pantry and fridge, fresh fruit and some delicious home-made treats. 

The Creative Time Residential Fellowship was a wonderful gift. I found myself reflecting deeply about my writing process, my work and my future creative projects. 

During my Fellowship, I had a number of worthwhile networking opportunities where I found time to connect with many South Australian authors and illustrators.  I attended a great book-lovers event in the beautiful grounds of Carrick Hill, where I met several Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) contacts and Facebook friends. The unveiling of a new sculpture at 'Storybook Walk' at Thalassa Park, where there are many sculptures based on children's books, was another wonderful outing. I was also excited to meet for the first time, the illustrator of my next picture book, Pip Kruger, and chat about our forthcoming book.

All of these opportunities were enjoyable and inspiring. I find that sharing ideas with other creative people, particularly those who write for children, helps me reflect on and further develop my own creative practice. 


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